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Outburn LTD is the pioneer in HL7® FHIR® services and implementation in Israel and is a member of HL7 International since 2020. As such, we are not only active in the Israeli FHIR® community in Israel, but we are also taking part in the characterization and implementation of the Israeli Core FHIR resources and implementation guide, under the auspices of the Israeli MoH and 8400. We help organizations, start-ups, and healthcare providers successfully adopt FHIR and ignite their data sharing.

We provide full consultation services from strategy and planning all the way to detailed design and implementation of data management and interoperability, specializing in digital health and medical information systems. We are experienced in connecting legacy EMRs (Electronic Medical Record) to FHIR, creating interoperability solutions and dataflow for medical devices, implementing integration solutions, and planning the right / customized data architecture for your needs.

Finally, we are experts in leading HL7 FHIR design and implementation. Outburn’s team brings decades of hands-on experience in the technical & business aspects of healthcare systems and processes, experience in project management and strategic thinking. As such, we are currently involved in over 10 active projects across several platforms: governmental – as part of the MoH-led efforts to create an Israeli FHIR standard; medical – with projects alongside two HMOs and several hospitals; and research – working with research institutes, such as HUJI.

If your organization is medical data-driven, we can help you plan and implement any FHIR solution you will require, in a fast and efficient manner.

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