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FHIR® Work Groups will operate as part of the community efforts to develop and implement FHIR in Israel. Across the world, FHIR® implementation is a gradual process, expanding through realization of FHIR® use cases. By characterizing and developing FHIR profiles to serve a use case, active FHIR interfaces are created and deploy the standard.

Each Work Group will define a designated use case and the FHIR resources needed    for its application. The WG will then work to create FHIR profiles adjusting these resources to fit the use case and local system needs.
Work Groups will include clinicians and data architects from health organizations as well as EHR vendors, industry and academia representatives, who are interested to work together to characterize and implement a use case, while attaining an agreed definition of FHIR resources to base it on.


First FHIR IL WG have recently set off, and everyone are welcome to follow their progress. All work products will be published on the community website, and community members will be able to join in the WK open discussions. 
Community members are welcome to create new Work Groups and promote new use cases. If you are interested in creating a new WG or in the work of an existiing WG, please contact us! 

A group of people sitting around a table

פרויקטי FHIR במשרד הבריאות

ארבעה אנשים יושבים מסביב לשולחן עבודה

כחלק מהטמעת סטנדרט FHIR נעשית עבודה על מקרי בוחן (use cases) במשרד הבריאות.

במסגרת הפרויקטים, מתבצעים אפיון ופיתוח של פרופילי ®FHIR הנחוצים לטובת מימוש מקרה הבוחן, ומוקמים ממשקי FHIR  פעילים המיישמים את הסטנדרט. 

ירושלמי 3.png

FHIR for Research – The Jerusalem Center

זכוכית מגדלת

Distributed data research, in collaboration with three organizations, in the field of obstetrics and high-risk pregnancy. As part of the research, the data shall be standardized throughout the three organizations, enabling the creation of continuous clinical data derived from multiple and varied sources: prenatal care, diagnosis, and hospitalizations, from early pregnancy through delivery.

מפריד צהוב
כפתור הפעלת וידאו

Patient-Caregiver Communication – Patient Reports

מפריד צהוב
Blank 1483 x 333 (1).png

An app for continuous and effective communications of medical staff with patients in the diabetes and weight-loss clinic. Patient data will be both self-reported and recorded from sensors. Data will then be presented to staff (according to role-based permissions) through customized dashboards and alerts. Data collection will be in accordance with FHIR standards, including full integration into the EMR at RAMBAM.

כפתור הפעלת וידאו
חיצים עגולים

Patient-Caregiver Communication – IOT

An infrastructure project to allow opening up the clinical file in order to register new data from sensors, vendor-agnostic, thus promoting communications between medical staff and at-home patients. Initially, the project incorporates home-based ECG tests by AliveCor. This will support FHIR-based sensor data to be aggregated and then presented to the caregiver as part of the EMR.  

מפריד צהוב
כפתור הפעלת וידאו
טופס 17 3.png
טופס 17

Continuum of Care – 'Form 17'

FHIR interface for automatic approval of reimbursement confirmation forms between hospitals and the HMO. Patients arriving at the hospital will then be able to slide their Insurance Card at a kiosk, which will in turn create a query to the HMO confirming approval for reimbursement, eliminating the need to go through the reception desk, enabling higher efficiencies and better patient experience.

מפריד צהוב
כפתור הפעלת וידאו
work groups 151.png

Digitization of Clinical Studies

Automatic retrieval of data in FHIR standards from hospital databases for the investigators of the study. The data is then communicated to YonaLink for a second conversion to the standard used for FDA submissions (CDISC). The project further includes conversion of lab tests and in-patient medications, with a proof of concept based on a study currently being held at SOROKA. 

מפריד צהוב
כפתור הפעלת וידאו
אייקון בית

Home Hospitalization


Setting up a service for hospitalization at home based on transmitting data in FHIR standard between Chameleon and Datos systems. The platform will allow for home visits, remote monitoring of clinical indicators, home-based tests, and more. All of the resulting data collected at the patient's home will be documented on Datos platform. Data from Chameleon to Datos will go through FHIR interface, while data from the Datos platform will go through the FHIR interface to the integration infrastructure of Intersystems and entered as PDF files into Chameleon.

מפריד צהוב
כפתור הפעלת וידאו

Digital Prescriptions

מפריד צהוב
מרשמים5 (1).png
כפתור הפעלת וידאו

Issuance of digital prescriptions at the pharmacy, received and documented as part of the patient files with the PCP/community clinic. At the first stage, the paper prescription will be digitized, allowing patients to purchase medications at their pharmacy using hospital-issued prescriptions. At a second stage, the integration into the EMR will create continuity in care, increase safety and compliance, and untangle current bureaucratic inefficiencies in approving medications.

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